Fragments of the shattered Empire… seeking new life

Zuxian is the southern coast of the world, a rocky land of cliffs, marshes, and stone beaches. Here, the surviving refugees of Shinka built their new home.

The True Imperial Spirit lives within these Shinkans, they see the fall of their Empire not as reason to change- just to try harder. And so, Zuxian re-established their new Emperor, rebuilt their army, and every citizen works harder than ever for prosperity. They see not only the land they lost as their birthright, but ultimately, the entire world.

Traveling in Zuxian is an experiment in not rocking the boat. The nation as a whole, has no reason to be hostile yet, it’s still trying to secure it’s bounds along the coast. At best, you’ll be ignored and very little is given out of hospitality. That which is, will likely be expected to be paid back in time.


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