A Kingdom on the Whims of the Fey

Sitting atop the North Eastern peninsula, in the most ethereal magical forests in recorded history, a society unseen anywhere else in the world thrives. While every nation has it’s share of artists, bards, performers, and craftsmen- none, are so built upon it as Valecqua.

Following the Catastrophe, Valecqua turned to two powerful magical beings- known as Gianni. These two seemingly Fairy Gods, gave the survivors all they could ever need… in exchange for amusement. Now, the new generation has known nothing else. They paint, they sing, they dance, they give body and flesh, to these Gods. Only interacting with the outside world for more resources or inspiration.

The people of Valecqua are friendly, without a doubt. Though exceptions exist, many will gladly meet outsiders- always hoping to find that little spark to give them enough to beg another gift from their living Gods.


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