The Underground

The Darkest Lands Below

Very few people on the surface even know of the peoples in the caves below the world. And fewer know that these people have formed kingdoms and histories, away from the warm light of the sun. And even fewer- conceive how old and connected this realm is with the surface.

The Underground following the Catastrophe is largely dark wilderness- lit only by scraps of fire, flows of magma, glowing fungi, and luminescent ore. But, the people still live here. Monsters driven underground, human explorers and their descendants lost forever, and entire kingdoms forged by those that claimed this land as their home.

The Dark-Men- the lost race of men, with bleached skin and hair, some believe corrupted by magic, others simply think that is how they are.

The Dwarves- the ancestral union of Shinkan Humanity and Central Plains Halflings- banished to the dark lands for representing such a corruption of blood.

The Buffalo- Minotaurs based in the frozen caverns, the possible ancestors of all minotaurs.

For the most part, the Underground is unwelcoming- resources are scarce, and enemies numerous. Unless one wishes to truly commit to the unknown darkness below… best to not dare venture too deep…

The Underground

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