Where the living Failed.. the Dead Thrive

Morticast is a series of seemingly dead forests, mists, and empty crumbling ruins. Punctuated by the sudden assault of a horde of skeletons, the prowling life sapping wights, and half mad cultists. A carefully constructed reality, for those outside to gaze into.

To venture into Morticast with the proper blessing, is to see an entirely different world. Venturing deep into the forests, into the hidden kingdoms, reveals what really happened to the people here. And why the undead lash out and the people on the fringes act so mad, so hostile.

The world is unkind to those in Morticast, and so they are unkind in response. Carefully weaved illusions, mysteries, and assumptions- allow trade to flow in and out of Morticast, without anyone truly comprehending where the goods come from… and where the wealth goes too.

Afterall… the dead don’t need luxuries.. right?


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