An Alliance of Tainted Blood

The Western coast of the central north, was once the most frequent relaxation retreat for nobles and lords of the north and even Imperial Shinka. The kingdom brought revenue from all manners of exotic food, hallucinogens, sexual services, and just beautiful vista. It still… offers… that. But in a way, most people daren’t consider.

Marsala is now ruled by the Minos Queen, a half human, and half Minotaur princess of the former king. And she rules a nation, born only out of the union of Humans, Gnolls, and Minotaurs, with many animals and demons mixed in. Spurred by the rituals of the Fertility Goddess Lamashtu.

The people of Marsala are welcoming, having had more than any other nation to practice tolerance and equality. Though rivalries and feuds certainly exist. Really, most outsiders- be they man, gnoll, minotaur, or near anything else- are the ones repulsed by their practices.



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