The Demon Wasted Land

The Heart of the world, now beats as a rotten and twisted shadow of what it once was. Based in the central fertile valleys of ancestral Shinkan lands- the base of all civilization by some standards. Now, a land of fog, twisted nature, empty ruins, and demonic corruption. As the first impact of the Catastrophe, destroyed everything, even the fabric of reality.

What people remain, the outside world has little comprehension. Trade is almost unheard of- and those that try to escape never tell the tale. Those that do, are Shinkans, once the proudest people of the world. Now, lost to madness, desperation, or just nihilistic attempts to see another day.

Demons, Ghosts, Oni Spirits, and other horrors dwell within the lands. Concentrated on points where the world’s bonds are weakest. What desires they have for unwary travelers… is best left to the imagination… or nightmares.



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