In the Shadows of our Sins

Falling upon the North Western coast and peninsula, the nation of Jezreel appears prosperous and safe in the frozen lands above. But, digging into the nation’s past reveals the cost to arrive here.

Home entirely to Heth, Jezreel has a long history of wealthy, powerful, and influential families. But, born out of agreements and deals with powers great and small. Such pacts with great powers, led Jezreel to being the first Clan of ancient Aschalon to be anything more than just another clan. And even following trial and tribulation- the nation still beats on.

Jezreel welcomes travelers, with a quiet and somber submission. Displays of power and aggression of any kind can lead to a cull of confidence in its citizens. Fear- of the sins and consequences of the past- coming to haunt them.

Notable Locations

Castle Jezreel: The capital city, home to the once true Royal Family of the north, and now base for the alcoholic King. Betrayed by his daughters Atarah and Shalev, driven mad. His remaining daughter, Libi lived neglected here with him.
By the help of the party, he is attempting to recover from his alcoholism- and Libi is no longer tormented by the “boogeyman in the dark”

The Ruins: A series of colossal ruins, possibly once home to the northern giants, stands several days out from Jezreel. Here, the party escorted a Priest of Desna, for they sought glimpses into the world’s history.



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