A forged beacon amidst a cold north

Hethlon is the landlocked Theocratic Kingdom in the frigid tundras and taigas of the northlands. Ruled by the Arch Bishop Silas, decreeing the words of the God Abadar as the central tenants of civilization.

Born out of theocratic obsession with the Holy Trinity- Erastil the Father, Abadar the Lord, and Asmodeus the Master- Hethlon nearly united all of the Heth people of the north stretching from Jezreel to parts of Morticast. Under Four Arch Bishops, following the deaths of Amos, Melek, and disappearance/death of Elizier- however the empire has greatly reduced, Jezreel, Ashcalon, and Morticast seceding to traditional forms of rule.

Hethlon is hostile to any that refuse to follow their laws, even Gods not seen as controversial in other nations such as Shelyn or Nethys. Women are second class citizens, and non-humans are treated as criminals even when welcome. That said- those that obey the rules and work for themselves, can find security, and success.

Notable Locations

Tel Batash: The Holy City, once a simple mining community, the striking of gold and precious metals caused explosion of economics and the blessings of Gods brought this to the capital of the North.
The Harbingers killed Amos and Melek here.



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