Kingdoms surrounding the new Inner Ocean

In the temperate forested lands of the central part of the continent, the split in reality caused by the Catastrophe has turned this once relatively dry and lightly forested land into a land of oceans, swamps, and rainforest.

Though dominantly of the Gladian people, Forotto was almost entirely absorbed into the Shinkan Empire at its height, and so the population is mixed between Gladians and Shinkans. Following the Catastrophe, the baronies and counties were eventually reunited in trade, and the royal family re-establishing power.

However, despite holding power and status, the King is declared unfit to rule by the various counts and countesses actually ruling the people and only maintains power through his military followers.

Notable Locations

Barbrook: An isolated City/County to the western fringes of the territory, spent nearly 30 years with virtually no interaction with the rest of Forotto. Is the home of Baji, Gorla, and Vince- and thus the current home base.

Shirwell: A once totally destroyed city, now beginning restoration at Oren’s behest and current led by priest Lazare.



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