Sustained by the Lifeblood of Gold

Colgune falls into the once frontier lands of the Shinkan Empire, at its height beginning to expand into the wild untamed jungles of the Kahzeri. The Ancestral Home of the Southern Halflings, and migration grounds of the Ranaj people.

Following the collapse caused by the Catastrophe, refugees of Shinkan, Mahl, and Ranaj blood poured to Colgune, and the power vacuum resulted in the rise of sadistic and oppressive dictators. For nearly ten years they ruled the scraps of the frontier land, until they were deposed and the Lian clan took over.

In Colgune, anyone can be bought, everything and everyone has a price governing their worth. Selfish and mercantile to extremes, the strict hierarchy is born out of one’s worth and one’s possessions. Trade flows with brutal efficiency, corporations and wealthy nobles driving expansion and invention, becoming a central power of the south lands.

Under the guiding rule of Matriarch Ke’lian (daughter of the liberator of Colgune) the land is held together with endless opportunity… for those lucky enough to afford it.

Notable Locations

Akkra: Village of artists and artisans that welcome visitors to stay. Where Baji’s family recommended the party stay.

Bouros: Massive tiered merchant city, base of operations for the Kahzeri Exploitation Company, and under the rule of Ji-Bo.

Inkosi: Capital city of Colgune, with the massive Heaven’s Tower supposedly base of the Harbingers.

Tarazin: Large coastal port town carved into the side of the cliff. Where the party first landed in Colgune.

Blight Town: Town converted to dumping ground for people unable to afford magical health care to waste away and die.



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